18 Helpful and Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas For All Occasions

When you are stumped for gift ideas and need that last-minute gift basket or basket of goodies, you won’t be sorry to hear about these choices.

Settle down with a cup of hot cocoa, your mouse, and a notepad as you select the perfect basket for your loved one. There are many different types of gift baskets: food, spa, health, and beauty, home décor, and kids’ gifts it can also be used as giveaways at events or even as prizes for contests.

Choose one that best suits the person you are sending the gift to. Gift baskets are also perfect for birthdays, weddings, new homes, and more! They’re not just for holidays anymore. We gathered in one place everything you need when looking for helpful gift basket ideas for all occasions. 

Gift baskets can be very versatile and you can add different items depending on who the recipient is. If you know that your recipient has something specific in mind then it’s always best to ask them before purchasing a gift basket . . . but you don’t have time or money to spend hours searching through stores or checking out hundreds of gift ideas from Pinterest

So, what should I put in a gift basket? 

Gift Basket Ideas you can use for every occasion

1. Baking Gift Box Ideas

baking gift basket ideas

So, what can I put in a baking basket for a gift? 

  • Baking utensils 
  • Cooking tools (spoons, spatulas, etc.) 
  • Baking accessories like measuring spoons, a whisk, etc. 
  • A cake mix or other baked good 
  • A cookie mix or other baked good (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, etc.) 
  • Brownie mix or other baked good 
  • Assorted nuts/chips and fruit/vegetables (these are great for kids to snack on during the holidays) 
  • Candy (chocolate kisses, caramels, fudge, etc.) 
  • Cookbooks with recipes for homemade treats 
  • Muffin tin or mini-muffin tin (to make a dozen or so of your favorite recipes) 
  • A chocolate chip cookie cutter set (or other cookie cutters) 

2. Housewarming Gift Basket Ideas

housewarming gift basket ideas

What is normally in a housewarming gift basket

Candy and sweets: A housewarming gift basket is always a great way to set the mood when someone moves into the new home, but it can also be a great way to show that you care about the happiness of your guests.  

Bread: If you’re looking for something that’s not too heavy-handed on the sweetness, try making some bread for your guests. Add several different kinds of bread to your basket as well as some crackers or cheese platters so everyone can enjoy a snack while they’re getting settled into their new home.  

Fresh fruit: Fresh fruit is always a welcome addition to any party, but it’s especially useful when it comes to housewarming gifts because it can help keep everyone healthy if they’ve just moved into an unfamiliar environment (especially if there’s no place nearby where they can buy groceries).   

3. Sporty Gift Box Ideas

sporty gift basket ideas

While a gift basket can be a great way to share the joy of giving, it can also be a practical way to give a gift. Whether you’re looking for something to celebrate an upcoming birthday or you want to send off someone who’s moving away, a sports-themed gift basket is a great choice. 

A sports-themed gift basket for him may include the following: 

  • A smart watch 
  • A bottle of water 
  • A healthy snack such as fruit or trail mix 
  • A favorite athletic drink (usually sold in 12-packs), such as Gatorade or Powerade 

4. Charcuterie Gift Basket Ideas

charcuterie gift basket ideas

A charcuterie gift basket for family may include the following:  

  • A selection of artisanal cured meats.  
  • Assorted cheeses, including cow’s milk Gouda and goat’s milk Parmesan.  
  • Fresh seasonal produce like fruits and vegetables that pair well with meats and cheeses.  
  • Marinated olives and Spicy pickles for making aperitivo snacks or a great bruschetta topping.  
  • Fresh bread, crackers, and dips for serving at parties or as an appetizer platter at your next gathering.  
  • Sourdough bread, baguette, crostini, and/or crackers  
  • Classic French cheeses, such as Brie, Camembert, and Roquefort  
  • A selection of jams and preserves (e.g., apricot, fig)  
  • Marcona almonds  
  • Chocolate-covered fruits 

5. Self-care Gift Box Ideas

self-care gift basket ideas

self-care gift basket for her may include:  

  • lotions, oils, and other beauty products that smell good and make you feel relaxed – a bath bomb to help you relax in the tub – some candles or incense for aromatherapy  
  • body scrubs and face masks so you can exfoliate and moisturize your skin.  
  • essential oils to help relieve stress and promote relaxation  

6. Winter Cold Gift Box Ideas

winter cold gift basket ideas

A get-well soon gift basket may include the following: 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar  
  • Honey  
  • Cinnamon Sticks  
  • Peppermint Candies  
  • Hot Chocolate Mix  
  • Warm wool socks  
  • A cozy blanket and throw  
  • A steaming cup of hot cocoa or tea  
  • A warm scarf or hat  
  • Hot cocoa or chocolate or coffee mix  
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels or other salty treats  
  • Mints or other breath fresheners  
  • A small candle to set the mood  
  • A jar of marshmallows  
  • Small mugs for his/her favorite drink and a gift card to the local coffee shop if applicable

7. Skin-care Gift Basket Ideas

skin-care gift basket ideas

Skin-care gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work that goes into maintaining beautiful skin.

Gift baskets are great for anyone, but they’re especially useful for people who don’t have the time to shop around for the best skin-care products.  

A skin-care gift basket should include the following:

  • Face oil: Face oils are an excellent way to hydrate and nourish dry skin. They also help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The best face oils contain natural ingredients like vitamins A, E, and K; antioxidants like rosehip seed oil; and essential fatty acids like omegas 3 and 6 that fight free radicals that damage cells in the body.  
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil has been shown to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin — especially after shaving! It also has antibacterial properties that can help remove impurities from pores and prevent clogged pores from becoming infected  
  • Sunscreen – This is essential to protect against harmful UV rays. Sunscreens will also help prevent wrinkles caused by aging.  
  • Baking soda – This versatile product is used in many household products, but it’s also good for exfoliating skin and reducing inflammation.  
  • Face masks – These can be homemade or store-bought depending on what type of mask you prefer. Face masks are especially useful during winter months when dry air causes irritation and redness on the skin’s surface. They can also be used as a pre-treatment for acne outbreaks or rashes caused by allergies or insect bites.  
  • Eye creams – These can be used around the eyes to hydrate them after shaving or removing makeup. You may also want to include an eye cream with a special ingredient such as collagen peptides which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes  
  • A hydrating body lotion  
  • An anti-aging serum  
  • A brightening treatment  
  • An overnight mask  
  • face wash, moisturizer, and hand cream  
  • an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells on the face and body  
  • lip balm with SPF protection to protect against UV rays  
  • Body wash or soap  
  • A facial cleanser (for daily cleansing)  
  • Scalp shampoo (for dandruff or dry scalp)  
  • Deodorant (for bad body odor)  

8. Makeup Gift Box Ideas

Make up gift basket ideas

A makeup gift basket is a great way to give your loved ones a gift they can use and enjoy. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, so the more you shop around to find the best products and brands, the more you’ll be able to offer your guests something they’ll appreciate.  

A makeup gift basket should include the following:  

  • The basics: a foundation brush, bronzer, and blush.  
  • Makeup wipes and remover. If you’re giving the makeup gift basket to someone who travels a lot, this will be an especially appreciated gift because it removes all of the makeup before take-off in case there are any skin irritations or breakouts.  
  • Eye shadow palette with neutral colors. If your giftee has more than one eye color, this will help them choose their favorite colors for each eye color so that they can create a look that is both flattering and versatile.  
  • Mascara and eyeliner set with black or gray color options (black is classic and goes with everything). This will help them create different looks with just one product!  
  • An eyebrow kit that includes an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and/or powder to fill in sparse brows or create fullness as needed. This can also be used as a basic makeup kit for those who prefer not to spend too much time on their appearance but still want something for their eyes or face  
  • A brush set that includes basic basics like foundation brushes, concealer brushes, and eyebrow brushes; this is especially great if you are adding a beauty journal to the basket.  
  • A highlighter or setting powder to set your makeup, especially on those days where you want more coverage but not too much.  
  • Contouring and highlighting powders and brushes that are specifically for that purpose (e.g., contour kit).  
  • A travel-sized mirror. This is a must-have item for any woman’s bathroom. You can find these at most drugstores and beauty supply stores.  
  • A pair of headphones so you can listen to your favorite playlist while getting ready for the day or night ahead!  
  • Lip gloss and Nude Lipstick  
  • An assortment of nail polishes and nail accessories  
  • Hair products  

9. Book-themed Gift Basket Ideas

Book-themed Gift Basket Ideas

A good choice for a book-themed gift basket is to include a hardcover book such as a cookbook or children’s book. You can also try giving an e-book for a more modern twist.  

Books make excellent gifts because they can be personalized and they can also be customized according to the recipient’s taste. They can be given as gifts to children, teenagers, or adults alike


If you want to make your gift basket stand out from others then consider adding some cool knick knacks like chocolate bars and candies along with your favorite book in it!  

If you want to send a more highbrow gift basket, consider including a novel or poetry collection in your selection. These items are often difficult to find on their own, so they make great additions to any gift.  

You can also choose to include some candy or treats in your gift basket as well. Our favorite items to add are chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and/or truffles!  

A book-themed gift basket should include the following:  

  • A book for each member of your family (this includes grandparents). The purpose of this is so that everyone gets something from this basket that they will like and appreciate.  
  • Books – Books make great gifts, especially if they’re books about something you know your friend or loved one loves. You can even include books on topics that are not related to their interests. For example, if your friend loves to cook, you can include a cookbook in your gift basket.  
  • Cookbooks – Another great way to get your friends into cooking is with a cookbook. Whether it’s a recipe book or just general information about cooking, these books make great gifts because they let them know what you think of them.  
  • A copy of the book – A new book is a perfect gift for anyone, but it’s especially nice to give someone a book you’ve read and loved.  
  • A book with a custom binding – You can buy books online or find them in local stores. The binding will be different than the type of binding on the rest of the books in your basket.  
  • A bookmark that matches the color scheme of your basket – You can find these at any arts and crafts store.  
  • A box of tissue or Kleenex to help keep track of tears that may be shed when reading the book.  
  • The best thing about a book-themed gift basket is that it’s a great way to show someone how much you care. The book theme is something that most people can relate to, and they’ll feel special when they receive such a thoughtful gift. You could also make this a “book club” style basket by including some of their favorite books as well.  
  • Candles are an essential component of any good holiday decor, and they make a great gift for any occasion. Even if it’s just for yourself, having candles around makes everything smell good and look nice! Plus, they have the added benefit of making your home smell amazing when you burn them throughout the season.  
  • A pen with a matching ink color or style.  
  • A photo album or journal  

10. Hygiene-themed Gift Box Ideas

hygiene gift basket ideas

A gift basket is a wonderful way to give someone the perfect gift, especially if you are not able to attend to them in person.  

A hygiene-themed gift basket for boyfriend may include the following:  

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste  
  • Travel size floss tip  
  • A bottle of mouthwash.  
  • Deodorant/Anti-perspirant  
  • Hand sanitizer/soap  
  • Disposable razor blades and shaving cream.  
  • Facial wipes  
  • A hairdryer   
  • A pair of tweezers for picking up the stray eyebrow or nose hair that may have accidentally gotten trapped in your hair during the day.  
  • Shampoo and conditioner to keep their hair smelling fresh and clean after a long day of work, school, or play.  

11. Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

coffee gift basket ideas

The best part about this gift is that it can be made with items that you already have on hand. There’s no need to spend money on gifts or go out and buy something completely new when you can use things that you already have at home.  

If you’re looking for a unique gift basket idea, consider making one of these coffee-themed gift baskets:  

  • Coffee beans – A coffee gift basket is a great way to introduce people to the world of coffee. It’s also a great way to make use of any other beans you have lying around that aren’t used for anything else. If you have an abundance of beans, consider making them into different blends or roasts. You could also try making different types of coffee drinks with them.  
  • Coffee filters and coffee grinders – The best way to enjoy your morning cup of joe is with a fresh cup of joe! Make sure your coffee filters are fresh and your coffee maker is working properly before sending this gift basket to someone special in your life.  
  • Coffee paraphernalia – Coffee mugs and other accessories are great for serving up a warm beverage in style. A good gift basket will also include some paper cups and a selection of sugar packets and creamer bottles to go with them.  
  • Coffee-themed treats – A coffee-themed gift basket should include some delicious treats like chocolate-covered espresso beans, cookies, other baked goods, or even cupcakes!  

12. Snacks Gift Box Ideas

Snacks Gift Box Ideas

Snack-themed gift basket – The perfect gift for any occasion! This snack-themed basket includes:  

  • Chocolate – choose from milk, dark and white.  
  • Crackers – choose from saltine crackers or graham crackers.  
  • Popcorn – choose from air-popped popcorn or kettle corn.  
  • Nuts – choose from almonds, cashews, pecans, and pistachios.  
  • Seeds – sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds are a great addition to any of these snacks.  
  • A variety of snacks and gourmet treats that your recipient will love and enjoy  
  • A bag of assorted cookies or brownies.  
  • Fresh fruit like apples, pears, and grapes plus an assortment of nuts for healthy snacking.  

13. Pajama Gift Basket Ideas

pajama gift basket ideas

For the person who has everything, you can’t go wrong with a pajama-themed gift basket. The following gift basket ideas include everything you need to create the perfect pajama-themed gift basket!  

  • A pair of pajamas.  
  • A bathrobe.  
  • A terrycloth robe.  
  • A plush bathrobe.  
  • A towel warmer, if you want to make it warm in the room when you get out of the tub.  
  • An alarm clock that plays lullabies, or a CD player with some good nighttime tunes  
  • Comfy socks, slippers, and panties  
  • A cute pair of PJ pants or shorts (for boys)  
  • A T-shirt or comfy shirt (for girls)  
  • Sweatshirt or jacket  
  • Hot Cocoa and chocolate mix  

14. Crafty Gift Box Ideas

crafty gift basket ideas

A DIY gift basket may include the following: 

  • Craft Supplies

A set of colored pencils, paintbrushes, or crayons is a great way to get started on your creativity. Pre-packaged sets of these materials are available at craft stores or online. Just make sure you don’t buy anything too fancy because you want to keep things simple for this gift. You can also include paint pens and glue in your basket if you want to add some extra tools.  

  • Paintbrushes and Crayons  

If you’re looking for something a little more creative than colored pencils, try painting supplies like paints, watercolors, or acrylics. You can even buy a box of paintbrushes; The only downside is that these items tend to be more expensive than other craft supplies. But they’re sure worth it.  

  • Sketch pads and colored pencils  

These are some of the most popular art supplies ever! Sketch pads and colored pencils are something everyone needs around the house! You can buy these individually or as part of a larger set which includes everything you need to get started drawing right away!  

This is another great craft idea that can be done with kids of all ages. It’s also a great way to get them creative early in the morning before school.  

  • Glue Sticks and Tape  

Glue sticks are another one of those simple but effective gifts that kids love! Kids can use them on their own projects or even help out by gluing together pieces of paper into books or journals!   

  • Dry erase markers  

Markers are a great way to make crafts more fun for kids and adults!  

  • Drawing paper and pencils  
  • Coloring books  

15. Color-themed Gift Basket Ideas

Color-themed Gift Basket Ideas

Color themes are a great way to make your gift basket more personal and unique.  

This is because you can choose the colors that best represent the recipient or a brand or the recipient’s favorite color, and then add items that complement each other.    

Here are some color themes that could work well for a gift basket:  

  • Pink: pink is a feminine color that makes women feel happy and relaxed. It’s also associated with love and romance, so it would be perfect for a couple’s wedding anniversary!  
  • Red: red is traditionally thought of as being passionate, hot-headed, and aggressive (it was the color of blood in ancient Rome). In addition, it’s traditionally associated with valor and bravery – which would also make it ideal for an act of bravery on someone’s part (i.e., someone who was courageous enough to propose).  
  • Green: green represents nature and renewal – both of which are things we all need on occasion! Plus, green is one of the most visually striking colors out there; those who see it will immediately know what they’re seeing without any explanation required!  

16. Seasonal Gift Box Ideas

seasonal gift basket ideas

How to make a cool seasonal gift basket? Don’t forget to include the following items: 

  • Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa mix. These mixes can be made with different flavors and spices for different occasions. For example, for a birthday gift, you could make a chocolate cake mix that has peppermint extract in it. Or you could make a cinnamon apple spice mix for apple pie lovers.  
  • Brownies, cookies, or other quick bread. These goodies are easy to put together and can be made from scratch or from mix recipes. If you want to give your recipient something special but don’t have time to bake, look for an already-made package of brownies or cookies that is just waiting for someone else’s name on it!  
  • Pancakes, waffles, French toast sticks (or slices), muffins, scones (or slices), etc. These items are easy to make and they always seem to go over well at breakfast time!  
  • Gourmet, gourmet food items. Some of our favorite items to include are artisanal cheeses, chocolate, fruit preserves and jams, crackers, nuts, and dried fruits.  
  • Chocolates are a must! We love using dark chocolate with sea salt or fruit flavors such as raspberry and mango.  
  • Edible flowers make for a great addition to any gift basket. We especially love fresh-cut roses or exotic blooms such as lilies or daisies. Other floral options are carnations, baby’s breath, and chrysanthemums.  
  • Gourmet candy is always a hit! We love classic Peppermint Patties and gourmet truffles from local companies.  
  • Beverages make for great stocking stuffers too!  
  • Fruit salad (preferably made with seasonal fruit) or melon balls  
  • Flowers and plants (if appropriate).  

17. Work Gift Basket Ideas

work gift basket ideas

A gift basket is a great way to surprise someone. It’s also a great way to send thank-you gifts and small gifts that are more personal than an email or card.  

A work gift basket may include the following:  

  • A coffee mug with your company’s logo on it. A nice touch is to include a coupon for a free cup of coffee in the future.  
  • A pen set with your company’s logo on it. This is a great gift for the person who likes to take notes at meetings or use them as reminders throughout the week.  
  • A highlighter pen and notebook (or a piece of paper). These are useful if you need to take notes during a presentation or meeting. If you are giving this as a work gift basket, consider including some sticky notes so people can keep track of their own notes throughout the week or month.  
  • A notepad that contains a list of things such as “To Do List” or “To Read List.” This is useful because it gives people something to look forward to when they arrive at work each morning!  
  • An organizer with pockets that contain different sizes of pens and pencils, scissors, tape dispensers, glue sticks, and more (depending on what kind of organizer you choose)  
  • A letter opener, pencil sharpener, and water bottle holder with the company logo  
  • An entrepreneur’s guide to the world of business and entrepreneurship  
  • A book about entrepreneurship, business, or career planning for those individuals who are just starting out in their careers  
  • A thermos for hot drinks  
  • Candy (gum, chocolate, mints)  
  • Cookie (vanilla or chocolate chip)  
  • Granola bar or fruit snacks (with nuts and raisins)  
  • Tea bags (for hot tea)  
  • Bottled water or juice boxes  

18. Pet Gift Box Ideas

pet gift basket ideas

A pet gift basket should include the following:  

  • Food  

The first thing you’ll want to include in your pet gift basket is a variety of fresh food. This can include dog treats, cat treats, and even small treats that pets will love. You can also include some healthy treats like fruits or vegetables that they may not have tried before.  

  • A toy  

You can also include toys for your pet in their gift basket. Toys are especially important for dogs because they get bored easily when left alone for too long. Dogs will enjoy toys such as squeaky balls and fun chew toys that help keep their minds busy while you’re away. In addition to these fun toys, you may also want to include some plush toys for your dog since these tend to be more durable than other types of toys and are less likely to become damaged easily by rough play with other dogs or people.  

  • Cleaning supplies  

Include a few cleaning supplies in the pet gift basket such as some disinfectant wipes or disinfecting spray so that they don’t have any accidents.  

  • A blanket that can be used as a bed or cover-up during the day and at night.  

You can also create your own personalized gift baskets with items that you know the person will like, or add a personal note in the basket’s card as an extra touch.

If you have a limited budget and want to get multiple gifts for your family and friends at once, consider getting a gift basket. You can put many different types of items in it: food, cosmetics, toys, etc. It is easier than buying multiple individual presents.  

Don’t overstuff the basket as there needs to be room for air to flow around the items inside. Make sure you put a card in your gift basket so they know who it’s from and what the occasion is. If you are sending the gift basket through the post then make sure that everything is packed.

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