Unique Gifts For BTS Fans in 2023

Looking for gifts for BTS fans, and getting confused with the wide range of things related to the iconic K-pop group? Don’t worry we got you. Through this list, you will find exciting, unique, and fun BTS-related gifts. BTS or Bangtan Boys are the biggest K-pop group; most people even argue that they are the biggest group in the world and we have to agree with this statement. With the huge popularity the big group gave the K-pop industry, it is a lie to deny the impact they did on their country’s economy, and the extreme rise in tourism rate proves their impact.

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Gifts For BTS Fans They Will Love

gifts for bts fans - BTS Giant UNO Cards

BTS Giant UNO Cards

Each giant card in this deck features images of the BTS boys

Yes, BTS has their own UNO cards; they are that big of a group. This game took the world by storm when it dropped becoming a favorite pass time by players and soon it became a necessary game on game night, so combining BTS and UNO is like the perfect BTS gift and a perfect gift for BTS fans, especially since these cards are special UNO cards. Look at the size of them they are giant cards. Therefore, it will have double the fun of the original normal-sized cards. Honestly, I would love to be a receiver of this gift and I’m pretty sure any BTS fan would die for them as well.

gifts for bts fans - BT21 Watch Band

BT21 Watch Band

Made From durable TPU material

The name BT21 is a combination of the group’s name BTS and the 21st Century. Member Suga commented that the name should represent both BTS and the 21st Century so they would live for the next 100 years, and this apple watchband is a wonderful gift for BTS fans. All the characters: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, and VAN are included in the design of this pretty watchband. Next, it is both useful and awesome for any ARMYs out there; if you wanna get them something that will excite them every time they look at it then this band is perfect.

BTS Butter Funko POP

BTS Butter Funko POP

Figures stands 9.5 cm and comes in a window display box

One of the first gift ideas for BTS fans that pop-up in my head is Funko pop figures and this BTS butter limited edition of funko pop figures is the absolute perfect one. If you are ever in a pinch and don’t know what to get your ARMY friend, this gift of special figures will be the perfect gift for a birthday or just a spur at the moment kind of gift.

BTS Proof Anthology Album

BTS Proof Anthology Album

Release Date – 10th June, 2022

BTS’s albums are the best. From the amazing music to the visuals and the packaging. A BTS album is a present that will bring joy to any member of the ARMY, really. Let’s say you purchase an ARMY BTS album from a recognized retailer. In that situation, you are fulfilling the desires of every fan by enabling them to listen to their preferred music and by assisting BTS in climbing the music charts. It is that simple to please a BTS fan.

gifts for bts fans - Learn Korean with TinyTAN

Learn Korean with TinyTAN

korean learning book for beginners

If you have a friend who is learning or showing interest in learning the Korean language; then what is a better idea than this BTS-related gift? TinyTAN is a group of lovable characters created by the seven members of BTS. What’s more, it is designed with distinct personalities that spring from the persona of the BTS members, so if you wanna spice up your friend’s learning experience and make it all the more special, get them this book.

BT21 Water Bottle with Straw

BT21 Water Bottle with Straw

 Stay hydrated with Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, Cooky, Tata, and Van

A water bottle may seem like a very simple birthday gift for a BTS fan and not that unique, but this one is the perfect one. And it has a chic design that I’m pretty sure will make anyone envious of the owner, plus it is not cringe-worthy and not overly in your face, it is subtle and very convenient for any ARMY that will love carrying their fav group with them.

gifts for bts fans - BTS cake topper Mini Toys

BTS cake topper Mini Toys

The Size of Figures Are Around 3.15 Inches Tall

Now, if we are talking high-quality gifts that will impress any ARMY out there, this Mini Toys set of BTS is the way to go. And it includes all seven members wearing their iconic outfits from the “Mic Drop” music video, which has over on billion views on YouTube. If anything is a suitable gift for BTS fans, it is this.

BTS Wall Poster

BTS Wall Poster

high-resolution artwork, printed on PhotoArt Gloss Poster Paper 

A simple birthday gift for a friend who loves BTS is a poster. One thing about BTS’s merch is that it has tons of choices. In addition, you can get a poster of the entire group or their bias. Even if they wouldn’t want to hang up a giant poster, there are smaller sizes you can choose from.

gifts for bts fans - BT21 Cooky Plush Stuffed Animal

BT21 Cooky Plush Stuffed Animal

Gifts for BTS fans

The most BTS-related gift you can buy is from BT21. Any BTS fan would be thrilled to get one, especially if it starred their favorite member. Each of the BT21 characters has lovely, cuddly plushes that might double as pillows. You can decide which size you want to get there large, medium, or small, but I think we all know which one your friend will love the most I’ll give you a hint; it’s large.

gifts for bts fans - BT21 AirPod Case

BT21 AirPod Case

Clear Case with Keychain

AirPods are quite expensive, so the need to protect them is a must. This bt21 airpods case is the cutest gift for an army who loves their AirPods and wants to personalize them with something related to their favorite band.

BTS Tinytan Figures Keychain

BTS Tinytan Figures Keychain

Gifts for bts fans

Gifting a BTS keychain is the perfect way to show your army friend that you care about their interests. Further, this set of bts keychains is adorable and perfect even for kids, they are quite durable and so cute. An ideal gift for bts fans in my opinion.



132 Pcs Map of The Soul ON Sticker Pack

No matter if they have a bias, a few biases, or are an OT7 fan, you can always give any BTS fan stickers. In this set, there are 132 pcs, which is more than enough to please any army with tons of cute stickers and amazing designs. And they can be used to decorate any flat surface.

gifts for bts fans - BT21 Hybrid Phone Case

BT21 Hybrid Phone Case

Durable Full Body Protection

Bt21 + phone case = one of the cutest gifts for BTS fans. Cute phone cases are a must for every k-pop stan, most of them will have phones that represent their ultimate groups or members. Moreover, this bt21 phone case is perfect for any army who is an ot7 and can’t pick a single bias as it features all the characters of bt21 with a pretty design, plus it protects the phone amazingly.

gifts for bts fans - Laptop Skin

Laptop Skin

Provides resistance to minor scratches

We use Laptops for school and work, or if you are a part of the k-pop world it’s just for streaming your favs albums. However, laptops are kinda ugly with just a plain color, so this BTS love yourself laptop skin is perfect to give your device a makeover. If you are planning on gifting it to an army, be rest assured they are going to love it any BTS-related gifts are loved by armys.

Map of Soul 7 -Jung Kook Puzzle

Map of Soul: 7 -Jung Kook Puzzle

Puzzle features unique gold foil stamp of each member’s name

Puzzles are an amazing gift for anyone, they are fun and challenging and an amazing piece at game nights. This Jungkook puzzle is all the more special since it features the BTS member himself, and is inspired by the BTS album “map of the soul: 7”. This jigsaw puzzle includes 108 pieces and each member has his own puzzle, so if you want to go the extra mile and get them all for your friend.

gifts for bts fans - Oversized Hoodie

Oversized Hoodie

With You Purple Hoodie

One of the coziest personalized BTS gifts is this hoodie. Everyone loves a comfy fit and if you add BTS into the mix, I can guarantee that your loved one will love you for eternity. Besides, this hoodie can be a perfect gift for bts fangirls or fanboys as it is unisex, which makes it all the more amazing.

gifts for bts fans - I Purple You Pin

I Purple You Pin

Made with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar

Enamel Pins (although not offered often by the BTS official merch) are an excellent souvenir for a BTS fan. They are also a great accessory, you can pin them in your
bag, shirt, jacket… basically, anywhere you can pin things. This “I purple you” is special to every army and is a sign used to differentiate armys and others, so if you get this
gift related to bts to an army expect them to be over the moon.

BTS Rise of Bangtan

BTS: Rise of Bangtan

Gifts for BTS fans

Every army either old or new would love to have a guide that is about the group’s iconic rise to fame and the awards they took home and let me tell you those are a lot. It also has all of their individual story on why they wanted to be idols, and the hardships they faced along the journey. In regards to BTS or bangtan boys gifts, this book is a pretty great gift to give an army friend.

Butter Illustration Tote Bag

Butter Illustration Tote Bag

Lightweight 4.2 oz (145g) 100% cotton fabric

A tote bag is a necessity in everyone’s life for the convenience it brings, it’s big and you carry your whole life in it. This army tote bag will be one of the perfect gifts for BTS fans. It has the silhouette of members forming the word ARMY with their bodies in one of their music videos, so you can tell it is very special to fans.

gifts for bts fans - Photocard Sleeve

Photocard Sleeve

[Incl. Random BTS Photocard & Photocard Sleeve]

Photocards normally come with albums when you purchase one, you can get either a single-member photocard or a group photocard and since you don’t know which member you will get, you develop an urge to collect all the members. In addition, this photocard book is every army dream gift. This is by far one of the best gifts for BTS ARMY.

Jimin Solo Lomo Cards

Jimin Solo Lomo Cards

54 pcs Post cards Box Gift for Armys

If you want to get cards as a gift to a BTS fan, you should consider which ones your friend is collecting. You may consider which member, album, album version, or collaboration your friend collects photocards from. This is a jimin photocard box, so if you have a friend whose bias is Chim Chim then this gift is for them.

gifts for bts fans - Astronaut Planet Mug

Astronaut Planet Mug

Novelty Mug with Lid and Spoon for Coffee, Tea, Milk

This beautiful mug can mean a lot to armys all around the world. And if we are talking about a special gift, this one is the winner. The BTS member Jin went away on military service for 2 years and his album The Astronaut was the last thing he promoted before leaving. So you can say it is a goodbye or see you later kinda album, and it was all for the army. This mug represents two things, Seokjin’s album, and his favorite color.

Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V

Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V

‘Veautiful Days’

This V photobook is every kim taehyung’s stan’s dream gift myself included. This photo book includes pictures of the most beautiful man in the world-a title he won more than once, so you know you are going to enjoy whatever you’ll see. Gift it to an army and watch them freak out over it.

BTS Army Fans Infinity Pendant

BTS Army Fans Infinity Pendant

With 2mm 18″ Link Chain Necklace in Silver-Tone

A piece of jewelry to carry their love for the Korean band wherever they go. Besides, this Silver tone necklace is one of the best gifts for BTS fans.

J-HOPE BTS - Jack In The Box Album

J-HOPE BTS – Jack In The Box Album

FREE GIFT : Double-Side Extra Photocards Set

J-hope and his album Jack in the box created quite the buzz, the music was fire and everyone loved this album. And If you are ever looking for a gift for a j-hope stan, this album is your way to go, I guarantee that your friend will die over this present.

BTS Car Vinyl Bumper Sticker

BTS Car Vinyl Bumper Sticker

For Cars, Truck, Wall, Window, Ipad, Tablet, MacBooks, Laptop, Computer

BTS’s logo is one of the most recognized and iconic logos out there. Gifting this bumper sticker to an army will not only warm their heart with your thoughtful gift. It will also give their car a special touch it was lacking. And maybe other armys will stop them and compliment their aesthetic. it’s a great way to start up conversation and bond.

Agust D black Essential T-Shirt

Agust D black Essential T-Shirt

Slim fit, so size up if you prefer a looser fit

One of the easiest gifts you can give an army is a t-shirt with their bias on it. This simple Suga t-shirt can be worn as a basic everyday shirt even for a non-army. But an army wearing this will make it the best outfit. The T-shirt is cool and it can represent the fandom and the member they love the most.

gifts for bts fans - love yourself Throw Blanket

love yourself Throw Blanket

100% polyester fleece

The ARMY you’re getting this for will thank you and appreciate the effort you made to choose such a thoughtful gift. In fact, this throw blanket is perfect to decorate an army‘s bedroom or even hang it up like a tapestry.

gifts for bts fans - 'ARMY, our wings' earrings

‘ARMY, our wings’ earrings

 Pretty ‘ARMY, our wings’ inspired rose gold plated earrings 

The wings album was a pretty successful album and a fan favorite in visuals and music wise. As a result, everyone streamed this album as it was the group’s biggest album. These earrings give homage to the iconic album, with the pretty design it has the receiver of this gift will be thrilled because it is not one of those cliché designs. Last, it is a perfect BTS-related gift.

That concludes this post that gave over 30 gift ideas for BTS fans, I hope this list can help you figure out what you want to get your friend. Honestly, there are many more amazing gift ideas out there, but I couldn’t include them all, so I chose some of my favorites and things I would love to get as an ARMY myself. Be sure to check out our other Posts.

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