28 Best Incredible Hulk Gifts For The Green Monster Fans

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some incredible hulk gifts for the fans. From collectibles to apparel and everything in between, these Hulk-themed gifts are sure to make any fan’s day. So, let’s dive in and discover some amazing Hulk gift ideas! The Incredible Hulk is one of the most popular superheroes out there and one of the original six “Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hulk, Thor and the Wasp and Captain America“. If you have someone close who is a fan of the angry scientist and you want to gift them something to support their love for this amazing character, then this is the place for you.

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Best Incredible Hulk Gifts For Marvel Fans

Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

Comic collection

The first of the hulk gift ideas we have on our list is a comic collection. As you might know, not all marvel fans read the comics or even like comics at all. But if your friend or loved one does, then this is one gift that he would cherish and love. This particular collection includes Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #92-105, as well as stories from Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #15, Giant-Size Hulk Vol. 2 #1, and the Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook. Included content ran from 1999-2007. I am sure that the person who receives this great collection will take care of it for the rest of their life, as marvel fans protect the comics with their lives.

incredible hulk gifts Funko Pop! Bruce Banner with Hulk Head

Funko Pop! Bruce Banner with Hulk Head

Marvel: Avengers Infinity War

I don’t think there are much Marvel fans who wouldn’t die to have a Funko POP! collection. They truly look amazing and have figures for a lot of iconic moments in the marvel cinematic universe. This Funko POP!  is from the Avengers Infinity War series from the 2018 film. The implied movement in the figure is what makes it unique, with Bruce’s head slowly turning green from the bottom and his hands in the process of becoming green as well. If the person you are looking for a gift for already has a collection, then this would be an amazing addition. But if they don’t, then it would be a great start to one among many more hulk gifts.

incredible hulk gifts Deck Building Game: World War Hulk Expansion

Deck Building Game: World War Hulk Expansion

Consists of 400 All new playable cards & color rule sheet

Legendary is a deck-building game based on the Marvel universe, and this expansion pack adds new Hulk content, pulled from Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. This pack is also cohesive enough to be played on its own if the person you’re buying for doesn’t have Legendary. But it’s best as an expansion to add to the universe displayed by the original game. This is an amazing hulk gift for that fan who also enjoys deck-building games, as he/she would be reaping the benefits of two things he/she loves and is interested in.

Marvel Comics Hulk Figure

Marvel Comics Hulk Figure

Highly detailed muscles and veins

Kotobukiya is known for making exceptional pieces that are priced reasonably enough for collectors and casual fans alike. For any fans of The Avengers or the Hulk. This statue from their ArtFX+ collection would look perfect on any Hulk or straight-up Marvel fan’s shelf. Just the details on this amazing statue alone can make anyone fall in love, let alone a die-hard hulk fan. This is truly the perfect hulk fan gift; or one of them. DO NOT HESITATE!

The Incredible Hulk Super Hero Mug

The Incredible Hulk Super Hero Mug

Highly detailed Ceramic mug

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or even juice; maybe even water? And what if it’s the shape of a marvel fan’s favorite superhero’s head? Now that’s a gift worth staring at. Your friend can even grow fond of drinks he/she doesn’t even normally like with this amazing mug shaped like their favorite superhero’s head. A gift like this will definitely get them flying off their seats the minute they lay their eyes on it. I know I would.

incredible hulk gifts Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Wire Whisk

Water Bottle with Wire Whisk

Marvel Strada Shaker Cup

This BlenderBottle marvel Strada cup shaker the hulk edition is indeed the perfect gift for your gym friend. Now your friend can enjoy his/he smoothies, supplements, meal replacements, or water while admiring her/his favorite superhero, even on the go. This is definitely a cool gift worth considering.

incredible Hulk Smashing Loki Funko POP!

Hulk Smashing Loki Funko POP!

Pop Vinyl Movie Moments

We all remember the iconic hulk smash move in The Avengers when the hulk smashed Loki from left to right! This move got everyone LOLing hard. Having that iconic scene as a Funko Pop! Is what any hulk fan desires trust me! And if that applies to your friend, then you have won a place in his/her heart forever. This figure would look amazing on your friend’s desk, shelf or anywhere he/she is keeping the Marvel collection; as long as it’s on display because this baby deserves to be seen and admired.

The Incredible Hulk Fist Pewter Key Ring

The Incredible Hulk Fist Pewter Key Ring

Made of pewter and Highly detailed

Having a Hulk collection on display at home is great and all, but sometimes a fan wants to take a piece of their favorite superhero out with them. What’s a better way to do just that than a gorgeous keychain like this? A gift like this implies that you can be your friend’s hulky strength whenever he/she needs it. This hulk fist keychain is one of the unique superhero gifts that can be taken outside and bragged about without it being too tacky and over-used. Your hulk fan friend will love this, I am sure.

The Avengers Hulk Minimalist Watercolor Poster

The Avengers Hulk Minimalist Watercolor Poster

Printed on 300 gr glossy paper

Expressing love and appreciation for a superhero character is mostly something fans love to display on shelves, offices, or walls as well. Decorating walls with such a masterpiece is any hulk fan’s wish, and what’s even better about it is that it’s minimalist so it will not ruin the whole décor of your friend’s room. This watercolor poster is available in multiple sizes and the prints are borderless, isn’t that amazing? Frames are not available with the poster but you can specifically order one so that you give your friend his gift ready to be hung.

incredible hulk gifts/ Marvel Hulk Logo Graphic T-Shirt

Marvel Hulk Logo Graphic T-Shirt

Officially Licensed by Disney Marvel

This Marvel Avengers Graphic T-Shirt featuring the Incredible Hulk is an ideal gift for Hulk fans. Its eye-catching design showcases the iconic character, making it a perfect addition to any Hulk enthusiast’s collection. Crafted with quality materials, this t-shirt ensures both comfort and style, allowing fans to proudly display their love for the Incredible Hulk in a fashionable way.

Silver Marvel Hulk Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

Silver Marvel Hulk Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

Coin will come with Certificate of Authenticity

Having a big and diverse collection is THE DREAM for all superhero fans, and one of the greatest items that can be added to a collection is a superhero coin. If your friend has already started a collection, this silver hulk coin is a very nice addition. But if not, then it would be a great start. The hulk coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, and it’s 9999 fine silver. It is one of the best incredible hulk gifts out there and deserves to be with someone who will appreciate its worth and beauty.

Super Hero Hulk Action Figure

Super Hero Hulk Action Figure

Toy 9.5-inch Scale Collectible Figure

When you think of a superhero collection, the first thing that comes to mind is action figures, and when it comes to the incredible hulk. You’ve found the one you’ve been looking for. This action figure is movable at a total of 4 points: head, both arms, and waist; so the person you are thinking of giving this as a gift to can pose it as he/she pleases. The beautiful beast is one of the best Incredible hulk gifts a fan can receive. So you are for sure safe with this one.

incredible hulk gifts/ Car Ignition Button Cover

Car Ignition Button Cover

Car Start and Stop Button Decoration Ring

This Avenger Marvel Ignition Decoration with Scratch Art is a great choice for Incredible Hulk fans looking for unique and creative Incredible Hulk gifts. It combines the excitement of the Hulk with an engaging scratch art activity, allowing fans to reveal the iconic character in a fun and interactive way. Whether it’s for display or as a stress-relieving hobby, this product offers a novel and entertaining way to celebrate their love for the Incredible Hulk.

Incredible Hulk Logo Case-Mate iPhone Case

Incredible Hulk iPhone Case

Impact resistant, durable hard plastic

Our phones are so precious to us, so we want to protect them at all costs. I am sure this applies to your friend or loved one as well, which means they always want to find a nice phone case to cover their phones.

Being a hulk fan makes it even more fun, so if you are thinking of buying a gift for your hulk fan friend or loved one, then this is definitely one of the greatest hulk gift ideas. I am sure whoever receives this beautiful and chic phone case will fall in love with it. This particular case is for iPhone users only but it’s still an amazing idea to be considered.

incredible hulk gifts/ Watercolor Art Prints

Hulk Superhero Watercolor Art Prints

Great Gift Set of 9 (8×10)

This Superhero Watercolor Art Print featuring the Incredible Hulk is an excellent gift for Hulk fans. It beautifully captures the essence of the iconic character in a unique watercolor style, making it a perfect addition to any fan’s collection. Its unframed design allows for customization, letting fans choose their preferred framing option to match their decor. This gift combines artistry and fandom, making it a thoughtful and visually appealing choice for any Hulk enthusiast.

Hulk Backpack

Hulk Backpack

Waterproof 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

This incredible Hulk backpack makes for an excellent gift for Hulk fans because it features a captivating design inspired by the iconic Marvel character. Not only does it showcase their love for the Incredible Hulk, but it also offers practicality with its waterproof and spacious design, making it a functional and stylish accessory for daily use. Whether they’re heading to school, work, or on an adventure, this backpack is sure to be a hit among fans of the Hulk.

incredible hulk gifts/ Mode On T-Shirt

Hulk Mode On T-Shirt

Poly/Cotton Blend

This T-Shirt showcases the Hulk in all his green, “Hulk Mode On” glory. With a vivid depiction of the Hulk’s iconic transformation, this shirt captures the essence of the character in a visually striking manner. The vibrant green color and bold design make it an eye-catching piece of apparel that any Hulk fan would be thrilled to wear, embodying the essence of the Incredible Hulk’s power and persona.

Hulk Stickers

Hulk Stickers

(50pcs) Stickers for Water Bottle, Skateboard, Bike, Party

This set of “Incredible Hulk gifts,” featuring Hulk-themed stickers, is an excellent choice for Hulk fans. These stickers allow fans to personalize their belongings like laptops, water bottles, and skateboards with their favorite green superhero, adding a touch of Hulk power to their everyday items. It’s a thoughtful and affordable gift that lets Hulk enthusiasts proudly display their admiration for the iconic character in a fun and creative way.

Marvel Deluxe Legends Red Hulk

Marvel Deluxe Legends Red Hulk

6 Inch Action Figure Exclusive – Red Hulk

Now back to figures. We all know that the hulk is usually green, but there is a special edition of action figures in red. And, of course, we had to add it to our list because it’s truly one of the greatest incredible hulk gifts and it deserves to be on our list. The person you want to buy a gift for can be a child as well, as hulk fans range from children to adults. This action figure is suitable for both with the age range of 14 and above. The red hulk action figure comes with detachable hands and multiple points of articulation. This gift is also great for collectors to add to their collection of other action figures or hulk merch.

incredible hulk gifts/ Marvel Hulk Magnet

Marvel Hulk Magnet


This Marvel Hulk Funky Chunky Magnet is an incredible Hulk gift for fans because it captures the essence of the beloved superhero in a fun and practical way. This chunky magnet can be proudly displayed on any magnetic surface, serving as a constant reminder of the Hulk’s strength and resilience. It’s a perfect addition to any Hulk enthusiast’s collection, making it an ideal gift choice for those who admire the incredible green hero.

incredible hulk gifts/ Pillow Cover

Incredible Hulk Pillow Cover

Made of super soft polyester microfiber

This Jay Franco Marvel Avengers Hulk pillow is an incredible Hulk gift for fans because it allows them to bring their favorite superhero into their daily life. The vibrant and detailed Hulk design on the pillow adds a touch of excitement to any room, making it a fantastic addition to a fan’s collection or a unique decor item. It not only serves as a comfortable and stylish accessory but also showcases their love for the Hulk, making it a thoughtful and enjoyable gift choice.

Marvel Avengers Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light

Marvel Avengers Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light

Cordless, Can Be Placed Anywhere Within The Room

If your hulk fan friend is the type to love flashy wall art and likes to show his/her love for his/her favorite superhero in extravagant decoration, then he/she will absolutely die for this artwork. The hulk fist 3D deco light would look amazing on your friend’s wall whether he/she chooses to turn it on or off, and it’s battery operated so it’s much easier to handle. This great piece is indeed one of the best incredible hulk gifts you can find.

The Incredible Hulk Magnet

The Incredible Hulk Magnet

Premium Wrapped Canvas

Remember the cool LED light wall art we already listed? We also found it in magnet form. Not the LED light part but it does not make it any less fascinating. This is a gift that will help your friend or whoever you are shopping for a gift to decorate their fridge, file cabinet, or locker in a very cool art that represents his/her favorite Marvel character. The incredible hulk magnet may be small but it carries such a huge meaning to hulk fans. It’s really one of the greatest incredible hulk gifts you can give to your fan friend.

Green Monster Acrylic Block

Green Monster Acrylic Block

Vibrant back-mounted photo print made just for you

Ooh! Now this a mesmerizing piece and makes an incredible gift for a hulk fan. The thick solid green monster acrylic block can add such a vibrant eye-catching touch to your fan friend’s shelves, desk, table, or with a hulk collection. This acrylic block is one of the coolest and most unique incredible hulk gifts I have ever seen and your friend should definitely have one to represent their love for the angry green monster.

I'm Always Angry! Canvas Print

I’m Always Angry! Canvas Print

Vibrant colors on gallery-grade canvas

Canvas prints really add a magnificent vibe to anyone’s space. Being a marvel character fan means your friend or loved one probably has or wants to have amazing canvas art like this. This particular print has both sides of the same man in such a cool interference that blows minds away. This art also has the secret to turning into the hulk written on it as Dr. Banner said: “I’m always angry”. I am sure your fan friend will flip over this.

The Hulkbuster Smash-Up 76104 Building Kit

The Hulkbuster Smash-Up 76104 Building Kit

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War

We have another gift that would be perfect for your son or nephew or that kid around you who loves the incredible hulk. This is a lego building kit from Infinity war that features the hulkbuster with 375 pieces with a small action figure too. A gift like this will nourish the kid’s love for his favorite character by building it from scratch, and it will help him use his time for good use instead of just wasting it. This lego building kit is one of the greatest incredible hulk gifts for kids from 7 to 14.

incredible hulk gifts/ T-Shirt For Kids

The Incredible Hulk T-Shirt For Kids

Officially licensed Marvel T-shirt

This Marvel Little Boys’ Incredible Hulk T-Shirt is an excellent choice for Incredible Hulk fans looking for the perfect gift. With its vibrant Hulk graphic and comfortable fit, this shirt allows fans to proudly showcase their love for the iconic superhero. Whether they wear it casually or to special events, this t-shirt is a great addition to any Hulk enthusiast’s collection, making it an ideal choice for Incredible Hulk gifts.

Searching for good and non-overly-used superhero gifts can be quite challenging and stressful. However, we are here for you to help you get through that swiftly. We made a list full of unique and amazing incredible hulk gifts for that special someone in your life who is in love with the green monster or the scientist inside it. All you have to do is go through it and find the perfect one that suits that person. I guarantee you will get out of our site satisfied and with a gift, or maybe even more.

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