29 Funny Housewarming Gifts They Will Actually Use

Looking for a way to make your friend’s housewarming party more memorable? Why not add some laughter with some funny housewarming gifts! While traditional gifts such as kitchen appliances and décor are practical, they can be a bit dull. With a funny gift, you can not only bring a smile to your friend’s face but also add a touch of humor to their new home. In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the best funny housewarming gift ideas that are sure to make your friend’s new place feel like home.

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Funny Housewarming Gifts That Will Make Them Smile

funny housewarming gifts Door Mat

Yell Ding Dong Door Mat

Non-slip, great water-absorbing quality.

I think making a good first impression is one of the essentials of having a nice relationship with someone. What could be the perfect gift to get to your loved ones for their housewarming gift than a funny doormat? This doormat gives visitors a visual signal that the house owners have a good sense of humor, which means spending a great time in their hospitality. It is one of the best funny housewarming gifts ever.

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set

Add a touch of Cretaceous creativity to your lawn or garden

Having a house with a yard or a garden is everyone’s dream. If your friend got a new house and he is a prehistorical movie lover then you are in the right place. With this pair of fierce velociraptor sculptures, your friend’s garden will scream with joy and fun. This hilarious housewarming gift is designed to weather beautifully and it comes with 6″ stakes so they can be placed on the ground or the grass. Every visitor will start laughing before even getting to the house.

Funny Face Serving Platter

Funny Face Serving Platter

Handmade from ceramic in Brooklyn

You want funny housewarming gifts for your friends, gifts that will make them remember you and laugh each time. If your friends like to chill and eat in front of the TV on the weekends then you got yourself the perfect present. With this Funny Face Serving Platter, evening treat time will be much more enjoyable. It begs you to play with the food and make other details. How cool!

funny housewarming gifts - Use A Coaster Be Classy

Use A Coaster Be Classy

Funny Cork Gift Set of 4

Coasters make the ideal housewarming gift for women. Every housewife wants to take care of her coffee table, so having a coaster set is a must to maintain the table from having scratches. These set have a very amusing message engraved on them and it is produced from sustainable cork! Your female friend will receive her guests without being under so much stress the whole visit and she will definitely appreciate your fun gift.

Hello, Is It Me You're Cooking For?

Hello, Is It Me You’re Cooking For?

Wood Chopping Board Funny Lionel Richie Gift

Moving to a new house can be very exciting but yet so tiring. If your friends are getting a new start, you should get them funny housewarming gifts to express your love. The family spends most of their time in the center of the house, which is the kitchen. You can offer them this wooden cutting board, whether you leave it blank or personalized it with a hilarious sentence to make them remember you and laugh every time they use it. What a great housewarming party gift!

funny housewarming gifts - Cargo Container Shaped Tissue Box

Cargo Container Shaped Tissue Box

Disguise those boring tissue boxes

If you have a male friend who works in the industrial field, you have to get this gift for him maybe to celebrate his new house. This gift adds a little industrial-historical touch to his living room and reminds him how fun and thoughtful you are. In my opinion, it is the ideal housewarming gift for a man who
likes jokes and funny stuff. He is going to show off in front of his visitors.

funny housewarming gifts - Candles for The Bathroom

Funny Candles for The Bathroom

Please Don’t Do Coke in Our Bathroom

Do you want to buy a humorous present with a little attitude for men or women? This simple perfumed candle creates humorous bathroom décor and it gives a sarcastic comment to the visitors. The aroma of dewy air is accompanied by lemon, lime, orange, cyclamen, jasmine, violet, lilac, amber, woods, and musk for the perfect garden scent. What a funny housewarming gift!

Bathroom Guest Book

Bathroom Guest Book

Funny housewarming gifts

Bathroom trips can be so boring; we usually start reading tickets for sanitary products to pass the time. We propose this bathroom guest book to offer to your friends for their new house. Questions to Consider and Answer While You Poop offers exactly what its name implies. A selection of thought-provoking prompts and themes to get you reflecting while using the bathroom. Their guests will enjoy their staying in the bathroom. You can offer it as a funny housewarming gift. It is really a unique gift everyone will talk about it.

The One with All the Recipes Book

The One with All the Recipes Book

An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Friends

You are the biggest Friends fan ever and You have watched each episode (multiple times). You understand every internal joke. Even making that trifle is a skill you own. But with this entertaining and humorous cookbook, you can go even further in your love by creating mouthwatering dishes that are based on this legendary 1990s sitcom—a wonderful housewarming present for any Friends fan.

funny housewarming gifts - Funny Kitchen Towel

Funny Kitchen Towel

I’m Into Fitness, Fitness Taco In My Mouth

Who doesn’t love tacos? Your friend could really use a small touch of tacos in their new house. It will brighten up their home with this cute and funny flour-sack dishtowel. For a funny housewarming gift, it is so cool. It can be used as an amusing towel to dry dishes as you laugh, or as a pretty hand towel for your bathroom. Don’t miss it buddy it is one at a time present!

Gratiator Small Cheese Grater

Gratiator Small Cheese Grater

Stainless Steel Sword-Shaped Grating Utensil

We all have that one friend who loves gladiators and that kind of historical movie. This gift will be an awesome present for your friend for his housewarming. When a gladiator cheese grater is available, why use a dull, old box grater? This entertaining grater can also shred spices like nutmeg and citrus zest. It will surely add humor to his new kitchen. Every time he uses it he will laugh his stomach out. Definitely a
hilarious gift.

The Book of Useless Information

The Book of Useless Information

By Publications International Ltd

When purchasing a home, it is essential to avoid discussing dull topics like water heaters and roof replacement. The Book of Useless Information will keep your conversations interesting and add hundreds of new topics and interesting information to your weapons of party talk. You can even offer it to your friend and read it together and laugh.

funny housewarming gifts - Bathroom Decor Word Search Puzzle

Bathroom Decor Word Search Puzzle

Hilarious Housewarming Gifts

You went to the bathroom and you forgot your phone. And you started thinking about reading the back of a shampoo bottle LOL. Oh please don’t that’s so boring. With a bathroom word search print, you can provide your visitors with something entertaining to do when they forget their phones. There are 20 searchable words on the print, which comes in six sizes. You can order it for yourself or for a friend of yours who got a new house as an idea for funny housewarming gifts.

The Singing Floating Pasta Timer - Al Dente

The Singing Floating Pasta Timer – Al Dente

Will Sing Different Tunes when Pasta is Ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 Minutes

Show your love for them and get them this amazing present. When the pasta is ready to be removed from the water or if it needs a few more minutes, the clever pasta timer whistles at various pitches to warn them. Al Dente is swimming with the pasta and he’ll sing like a canary to keep your noodles safe.

funny housewarming gifts - Mr and Mrs Mugs

Mr and Mrs Mugs

Couple Gift For Husband and Wife

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a special couple in your life for their new home, look no further than these mugs. You can personalize it with Mr. Right and Mrs. always right. They will absolutely adore it. It is funny, lovely, and something that we can use every day. What a hilarious gift.

Fake Turd Poop Soap Bar

Fake Turd Poop Soap Bar

Realistic Gag Gift

This is the funniest gift ever. Looks like real poop but nope it is soap. When you offer this gift to your friend who newly got a house, he will certainly prank his visitors. When they see this enormous turd sitting in his soap dish, everyone will look at it twice. He can try this prank on kids and adults. Among a lot of restroom pranks, I think this one killed it.

Microwave Cleaner with Fridge Odor Absorber

Microwave Cleaner with Fridge Odor Absorber

Angry Mom and Cool Mom

Moving to a new house is amazing but keeping it clean can be so challenging, especially in the kitchen area. To help your friend with his new apartment offer him this wonderful yet amusing gift. This genius microwave cleaner uses the power of steam to make cleaning even the most baked-on nastiness as easy as wiping away a pile of crumbs.

This genius microwave cleaner uses the power of steam to make cleaning even the most baked-on nastiness as easy as wiping away a pile of crumbs. Simply fill Cool Mama up with baking soda and let her take care of the job. Baking soda removes aromas to keep food tasting fresher for longer and helps keep your refrigerator or microwave smelling fresh for months. So cool!

Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator

Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator

Handcrafted Ceramic

If your friend is buying a new house and throwing a housewarming party, you should search carefully for the ideal gift. A kitchen supply is never a bad decision. Your key to the tastiest omelets, quiches, baked goods, and other delicious egg-based foods is this nasty AF ceramic bowl. His nostrils separate the whites from the yolks, while his head holds onto those yolks for later. Your friend can bake anytime without hesitation now. I really recommend it, especially for a fun housewarming gift for women.

I'll Feed All You Funny Apron for Men

I’ll Feed All You Funny Apron

Cooking Grilling BBQ Chef Apron

The next step on a man’s journey to true adulthood is to become a grill master when he buys a home. Maintain a lively and enjoyable atmosphere on the patio by wearing an apron that curses like a pirate while shielding your brother from getting burned. Even pockets are included on the sturdy cotton apron! It is the funniest housewarming gift people.

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper holder

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder

Funny housewarming gifts

You are getting a new house and now you are searching for unique stuff for it. We brought you an amazing game to entertain yourself or your humorous visitors while responding to Mother Nature. Play a little game with yourself when you are Tic-Tac-Tooting with this clever toilet paper holder. This piece can either be used to store toilet paper, used to play a real game of Tic-Tac-Toe, or both. This makes it the best and most fun housewarming gift

funny housewarming gifts - Axe Pizza Cutter

Axe Pizza Cutter

With Bamboo Handle and Sharp Rotating Blade

Be like Thor and use an axe to fight. Fortunately, you are only trying to carve a pizza; you are not copying barbarians. This axe will do the task in either case. The culinary equipment has a roller in the axe’s blade that easily cuts through pizza. Your friend will be thrilled with this amazing gift for his new crib especially if he is a thor lover. What a funny gift for a housewarming!

funny housewarming gifts - Oven Mitts

Funny Oven Mitts

Super-Insulated Quilting, Natural-Fitting Shape, 100% Cotton

What can I say about this hilarious gift? It is so unique with that writing on it. Get this glove for your beloved one and make them cook and bake with confidence. Anytime someone asks about who made the food he can just show them the smart-ass glove. A gift that will last forever and make a lot of souvenirs. Don’t think twice and order it now. You can even order for yourself. It is definitely a funny housewarming gift.

T-Rex Shower Head

T-Rex Shower Head

Shower Nozzle Shaped like a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull

You didn’t purchase a complete house only to add fancy accessories like rain showerheads. Oh no, it is time to make some dreams come true, and dinosaurs are always a part of dreams. This showerhead is fantastic because it resembles a T-Rex skull and it is cool because it has nine nozzles. It is also awesome because it is water-efficient and I can assure you that you will feel good about using it. The ideal housewarming gift for a funny person.

funny housewarming gifts - Nessie Ladle Spoon

Nessie Ladle Spoon

Use for Serving Soup, Stew, Gravy & Chili

When using the Loch Ness monster scoop, you cannot make a Loch mess. The adorable little scoop serves as a mixer and server and stands upright in the pot for easy access. With its heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe construction, this beast can withstand the heat. This kitchen gadget is a necessity
because it works great for scooping of all kinds! Perfect for a housewarming party.

funny housewarming gifts - Cat Tissue Holder

Cat Tissue Holder

Funny housewarming gifts

Your best friend who adores cats got a new house. And you have to choose a good gift that can express your love for cats. Offer him this amusing present. He can Use this life-size tissue dispenser with a serious dingleberry to frighten his cat. To cover his box of Kleenex, either a tabby or a calico. Its back has a strategically positioned opening that allows tissues to be delivered for use in wiping his whiskers. What a funny gift I think everyone should have it. It is seriously going to add a hilarious atmosphere to the house.

Little Box of Obscenities Kit

Little Box of Obscenities Kit

Words for Refrigerator – Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge

Every one of us has some troubles from time to time and in order to make the anger goes to laughter you need to have some funny shit to reduce your temper. So this gift is going to have success in your friend’s new house with his family members. The housemate, spouse or otherwise, deserves nothing less than several F-bombs if they put the empty milk gallon back in the fridge or they didn’t put the dirty dishes in
the sink. When you need to leave a pointed message, you can rely on the 72 curse words in this box of Magnetic Poetry Obscenities. It is really going to be like a game between the family. What a funny housewarming gift. It is irreplaceable.

funny housewarming gifts - Bugbuster Vacuum

Bugbuster Vacuum

No Harm Spider and Insect Vacuum

Whether you are considered an adult or not, spiders are horrifying, and you should not need to get a flip-flop to kill one. You can let it go free outside using the insect catcher vacuum by sucking it off the wall from a safe distance. You can buy it for your friend that has an insect phobia. The bug is quickly sucked inside after easily pressing the button to initiate the suction and approaching it with the open end. From now on there is Less risk of being bitten or harmed and no dead bugs smashing against your wall which means a safe; new and clean house. Your friend will fall in love with his housewarming gift.

Lemon Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Pillow

Lemon Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Pillow

Funny Housewarming Gifts

A new house is not a home until Nic Cage takes a spot of honor on the couch. Even better if he does it while being surrounded by a sea of sparkling blue sequins that turn over to expose his magnificent face. Yes, you must have been waiting for this cushion for so long. Order it for your friend’s new home to fill the house with laughter anytime you spend quality time in the living room and see nik cage’s face smiling. He can use it to decorate rooms, sofas, cars, chairs, parties, and events. How funny to see an amazing actor sitting by your side and smiling LOL. Don’t think a lot of amigos just order it now.

How Not to Be a D*ck: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

How Not to Be a D*ck: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

by Meghan Doherty

No one wants to be around d*ckheads especially if he is starting a new chapter in his life. There is a ton of simple, honest advice in How Not to Be a D*ck book. It also has humorous images of two well-meaning young people dealing with potentially offensive situations in their daily lives. It is the perfect piece for your friend’s salon. This book is a funny housewarming gift yet so honest, it can keep the dickheads away.

Nothing great can happen in a home without humor. There was nothing but the agonizingly slow passing of time. If you don’t think it sounds amusing, there are tons of other things you can do to make that new house they just moved into less dreadful. Everybody occasionally needs a boost, and these presents will make a new place brighter, more welcoming, and perhaps a little sillier. But whatever you choose, the special person in your life is guaranteed to feel a bit more comfortable making a fresh start in their new

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