31 Best Marvel Thor Gifts For The Asgardian Prince Fans

In this blog post, we have rounded up some of the best Marvel Thor gifts that are sure to delight any fan of the Asgardian prince. Whether you’re looking for a collectible statue, a cozy piece of apparel, or an epic adventure game, we’ve got you covered with our top picks. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Marvel Thor gifts and explore the exciting options available!

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Best Marvel Thor Gifts For Hardcore Fans

let’s start with accessories and Marvel Thor merchandise that a fan can wear.

Marvel Thor gifts Hammer 2 Pewter Key Ring

Marvel Thor Hammer 2 Pewter Key Ring

Holds your keys with Marvel style!

Next on our list is this gorgeous Mjölnir pewter key ring. Every Marvel fan, especially Thor fans, knows that Mjölnir is Thor’s best friend and not just his weapon. For that, having merch to represent it is only natural. One of the ways to do so is by having it on a keychain like this. It’s simple yet perfectly captures the beauty of the hammer. There are a lot of amazing Thor hammer gifts out there and this is definitely one of them; so when buying something for that Norse God fan, you should consider this key ring as well.

God of Thunder iPhone Case

God of Thunder iPhone Case

Double layer clip-on protective case with extra durability

Any Marvel fan loves to show off their favorite character, whether it is in the shape of jewelry, clothing, or a phone case. Just for that, we got one of the best iPhone cases we could find and it’s not too flashy, so don’t worry. This phone case subtly shows Thor holding his hammer up in the air summoning the power of thunder and flying into battle. It also shows Thor’s signature color red with black and white and light blue as the thunder’s color. This is such an amazing and simple gift for a fan of the God of Thunder.

marvel Thor gifts Hammer Silver Plated Pendant Necklace

Thor Hammer Silver Plated Pendant Necklace

Official Licensed Jewelry

The next item on our list is this gorgeous pendant with Mjölnir dangling from it. This necklace is unisex, so it would be a great couple’s gift maybe if you are both a fan of the God of Thunder. Since Mjölnir is what the God of Thunder holds most dear to him, then it’s only natural that a fan would want to carry it near his/her heart. Besides, this pendant has such a simple and elegant design that’s truly breathtaking. Receiving such a gift would make any fan fly with excitement and happiness.

Mighty Thor Logo Luggage Tag

Mighty Thor Logo Luggage Tag

Marvel Thor Gifts

If the Thor fan you are shopping for is also a fan of traveling, then this is one of the best marvel Thor gifts you can give him/her. This luggage tag with the Mighty Thor’s logo has such a simple and chic design and it would be a beautiful accessory that your friend or loved one can add to his/her luggage as he/she marches towards the next adventure. Don’t miss out on such a unique and beautiful gift for that die-hard fan.

Thor Icon Watch

Thor Icon Watch

Men’s Crown Protector Black Rubber Strap Watch

This watch has such a stylish and elegant design that can go well with any outfit your friend chooses to wear, in addition to its rocking and ever-lasting black color. The inside of the watch shows the God of Thunder holding his hammer in the air summoning the power of thunder with a very subtle image. This would be a great gift for whomever you are shopping for, so don’t just pass it by.

Thor's Stormbreaker Pewter Key Ring

Thor’s Stormbreaker Pewter Key Ring

Avengers Infinity War Thor’s Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker was designed by the dwarves to be the greatest weapon in Asgard, but they never got to make it up until Thor needed a new weapon after losing Mjölnir. Thor even had to take the power of a star to be able to forge Stormbreaker, so it’s a representation of his power, strength, and durability. Giving a gift like this to a Thor fan really means a lot because of the way it was created, and it’s by far one of the best gift ideas for Thor lovers. Buy it without fear or hesitation.

Now that we finished with the clothing and accessories, I wanna move to some pretty cool décor items for the fans of the Norse God.

Marvel Thor gifts Bluetooth Speaker

Marvel Thor Bluetooth Speaker

Ultra-Portable 2″ Tall Speaker

Just look at how cute this little Bluetooth speaker is. Mighty Thor may not be as small as this, but we all know how childish and cute he gets sometimes. This mini Bluetooth speaker would take listening to music to a whole new level for your Thor fan friend. He/she can take it anywhere with them comfortably and have both their ears and eyes enjoy this mini Bluetooth speaker. This is definitely one of the greatest marvel Thor gifts out there.

Marvel Thor gifts - Hammer Tool Set

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

Officially licensed piece of the collectible Marvel universe

Our next gift is an officially licensed item, and that alone adds some value to it. If your friend or loved one, maybe your husband, wishes to wield the power of Thor, then this is his chance. I absolutely love this gift, idea and I am sure so will your friend or husband because it’s one of the best gift ideas for Thor fans anywhere. This extremely cool toolbox that is shaped like Mjölnir has all the tools anyone might need to accomplish some house works and repairs inside. This gift will surely make the receiver feel the power of Thor holding it and doing chores around the house. By far one of the most practical Thor’s hammer gifts to ever exist.

Candle That Smells Like Chris Hemsworth

Candle That Smells Like Chris Hemsworth

Made with all-natural sustainable soy wax

Our next item has a little funny side to it. This amazing all-natural candle with a special note on it. If you decide to get this candle for your friend or loved one, just know that they will relax and enjoy the fragrance of a delightful mahogany apple. The note, though, is what makes it such a humorous gift for Thor fans. The sentence “smells like Chris Hemsworth”, who is the actor playing Thor, alone makes any fan wish to have it and light it ASAP. Keep this in mind while shopping for a gift, even as an extra.

Mighty Thor Logo Throw Pillow

Mighty Thor Logo Throw Pillow

100% polyester Throw Pillow 16″ x 16″

Remember that really cool Thor logo from the luggage tag we already listed? We found it on throw on the pillow as well. This chic pillow can be styled with any room décor, whether it is the living room or the bedroom. Your friend can pick anywhere to put it and it would look amazing because of its subtle look and chicness. Receiving such a stylish gift that represents that person’s favorite superhero will make them very happy and appreciative of you.

Marvel Thor gifts Kuricha Sitting Plush Doll

Marvel Thor 8 Inch Kuricha Sitting Plush Doll

officially licensed Marvel Thor 8 Inch Plush Doll

The last gift we have in this category is this really adorable Thor plush doll. Just look at how cute and well-made it is. Who wouldn’t want to have this on their shelves with the other Thor collection? I know I would. If you are still lost and haven’t found the perfect gift for that Thor fan, you should definitely take a couple of looks at this plush before continuing. This is one of the most adorable Thor gifts for her, as it will reach out to the sensitive spot in her heart in two ways; her love for Thor on one hand and her love for cute things on the other.

Now it’s time to include some kitchenware...

Marvel Thor gift Mjolnir Ceramic Sculpted Mug

Marvel Thor Mjolnir Ceramic Sculpted Mug

Made from high-quality stoneware

Just tell me! Wouldn’t any Thor fan feel like drinking coffee 24/7 in this magnificent mug? It can even be displayed as a décor item because of how splendid it is. You will definitely take your gifting game up a notch with this one. The symbols shown on this Mjölnir mug are of Viking origins and are amazingly detailed. If you really love your friend, who is a fan of the God of Thunder, and are looking for some gift ideas for Thor fans, then you should certainly have this ceramic masterpiece as an option.

Marvel Thor gifts - Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

Marvel Thor Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

For mixing supplements and smoothies

Drinking smoothies and shakes will never be the same for your Thor fan friend after you gift him/her this insulated stainless steel shaker bottle. This bottle has the officially licensed marvel comics avengers’ Thor icon is a very chic and subtle design with the forever elegant black color. This shaker bottle is one of the most useful and chic marvel Thor gifts out there. Take it into consideration!

Thor's Hammer Norse Mythology Glass Stein Mug

Thor’s Hammer Norse Mythology Glass Stein Mug

Hand Made 25 oz Mug

We have another mug for you that would make one of the greatest marvel Thor gifts, even for kids. This Thor’s Hammer Norse Mythology Glass Stein Mug can hold up to 25 ounces of fluids, including milk; which, let’s be honest, would look amazing in this mug. The Mjölnir logo on the mug just makes things even better because of its simplicity. Besides, it shows the symbols created on the hammer when Odin cast Thor away from Asgard in the first film, and that is a plus.

Now, the Funko pop! and action figures collection from different Marvel movies and scenes…

marvel Thor gifts - Avengers Endgame Funko Pop

Thor Avengers Endgame Funko Pop

Exclusive Vinyl Figure

This particular Funko pop! depicts Mighty Thor’s look from Avengers: Endgame in the final battle. This is one of the best gifts for Thor lovers as it will remind them of the ultimate win against Thanos, and how Thor regained his strength to fight and returned from the land of the lost. A fan will understand what that meant. Another detail they did not miss to show is having the God of Thunder hold both the hammer Mjölnir in his left hand and the ax called Stormbreaker in his right hand. This figure is an exclusive collector’s item for loyal fans of the Norse God.

Avengers Endgame - Bro Thor with Pizza

Avengers Endgame – Bro Thor with Pizza

Thor with pizza, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko!

We have another Thor Funko Pop! from Avengers: Endgame, but this one has a more funny than serious look. This figure depicts the God of Thunder’s not so godly like state when he lost everything he ever held dear to him including his home planet and then lost to Thanos. That shock left Thor in a vulnerable state of mind where he could not go two steps outside his house in New Asgard and gained so much weight. This particular Funko Pop! would definitely make an amazing gift for Thor fans.

Marvel Thor gifts - Love and Thunder

Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder

Comes in window display box packaging

This next Funko Pop! is from a different movie, but with the same mesmerizing aura. This figure depicts the Norse God’s look from his last movie Thor: Love and Thunder showing him holding his new ultimate weapon: Stormbreaker. This look also shows off Thor’s new suit and the amazing vibe he regained, without forgetting his god-bod. This figure is something any Thor lover would love to have, so keep it in mind while choosing something for your friend.

Marvel Thor gifts - Avengers Assemble Series

Marvel Thor Avengers Assemble Series

Funko Pop! Deluxe

This Funko Pop!’s look dates back to the first Avengers movie from the assemble series with Thor holding his precious Mjölnir. This figure captures the iconic scene when all the original six avengers assembled for the first time fighting against Loki and his army of aliens. Your friend can even finish the entire set to form a set piece with the six originals. Since this Funko Pop! is from the latest series, it has much more details and your Thor fan friend deserves to have this on his/her shelf.

Marvel Thor gifts - Love and Thunder - The Goat Boat

Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder – The Goat Boat

Funko Pop! Ride Super Deluxe

I can literally hear this Funko Pop! as I am sure all Thor fans will. This figure is also from Thor: Love and Thunder depicting the scene where Thor took his new Vikings ride led by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, the screaming goats, along the Bifrost bridge. This is by far one of the most amazing Thor gifts because of the craftsmanship from one hand and the screams on the other hand; the screams that all fans can still hear till now. Your friend will flip over this gift; I am sure.

Love and Thunder Ravager Action Figure

Love and Thunder Ravager Action Figure

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Collectible Toy

This action figure may be plastic, but it’s not any less magnificent. This action figure features his look from Thor: Love and Thunder as well, but it’s showing his Ravager look with his new weapon: Stormbreaker. This 6-inch Legends Series Ravager Thor figure features multiple points of articulation, and it’s a great gift for both adult collectors and kids alike. So it does not matter whether you are shopping for a grown-up or a child, either one will love this action figure.

Avengers Endgame Bro Thor Korg Figure

Avengers Endgame Bro Thor & Korg Figure

San Diego Comic-Con 2021 Exclusive

Our next figure is a mini egg attack figure that features both Korg and Thor as they appear in Avengers: Endgame. This figure also depicts a scene where they play video games not caring about what’s going on outside in New Asgard, while Thor was going through a rough patch. This would make a great addition to an already existing collection or as a start to a new one. You should definitely consider this while shopping for Thor-themed gifts for your fan friend or loved one.

marvel Thor gifts - Q-Fig Diorama Figure

Thor Q-Fig Diorama Figure

From the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok.

This Q-fig diorama depicts a scene from Thor: Ragnarok. It features a scene from the magnificent fight between Thor and Hulk when the latter did not recognize Thor on planet Sakar. This figure shows Thor holding the twin swords and charging into a historical collision with the green monster he knows from “work”. The base of this Q-fig slides perfectly into the base of a hulk Q-fig, so the person you are shopping for can complete the entire scene if he/she wants. This would make an amazing gift for a Thor fan, so keep it in mind.

Avengers Marvel thor gifts - Legends Series Thor

Avengers Marvel Legends Series Thor

Premium articulation and detailing

Another gift that would be amazing for adult collectors and kids alike is this gorgeous 6-inch tall Thor action figure. This figure is a movie-inspired design from Avengers: infinity war after he got his new weapon: Stormbreaker forged. The fight afterward was indeed magnificent, so any Thor fan would love to have something to remind them of the epic battle. This action figure is quite accurate with several articulation points and is a perfect gift for die-hard fans.

It’s time for some really cool wall arts that your friend or loved one can hang around the house.

Thor Heroic Silhouette Poster

Thor Heroic Silhouette Poster

Value Poster Paper (Matte)

First, we have this silhouette Thor poster with the official logo on the bottom. The style is quite beautiful, enough to be hung anywhere around the house of a Thor fan without ruining the décor. However, a fan would love to have such a great piece in his/her room close to the other Thor merch they might have. The green color of this silhouette poster just sends the art into a different dimension. This is certainly one of the most eye-catching marvel Thor gift a fan might own. Consider it when shopping.

Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer 3D Deco Light

Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer 3D Deco Light

Cordless, can be placed anywhere within the room

This wall art is a tad more flashy than the previous one, but it does not make it any less cool. This Thor hammer 3D deco light should belong in the home of any fan of the God of Thunder. Mjölnir might not be the source of Thor’s powers, but it has always been the thing that best harnesses and directs them, so it’s only natural for a fan to have this. Any fan deserves to receive such a splendid gift and so does your friend.

love and thunder Canvas Print

love and thunder Canvas Print

Art just feels more arty when it’s on canvas

Okay! Back to simplicity. This Love and Thunder canvas art just makes you fall in love with it at first sight, let alone a die-hard fan. The elegance presented in this piece not only makes it a great gift for a fan, but also a great artwork that belongs on any wall around the house. This canvas art shows two sides of the mighty god in simple colors of black, white, and gray; which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion for that loyal fan who loves and appreciates all sides of his favorite superhero.

Now that we finished with all our wall arts, we have to list some toys and life size items.

Thor Stormbreaker Electronic Axe

Thor Stormbreaker Electronic Axe

Premium Roleplay Item with Sound FX

Stormbreaker is Thor’s second baby, but it’s just as dear to him because of the way it was made. All fans also know that Groot had to give up an arm for the handle, and that alone adds more sentimental value to it. An amazing thing about this gift is that it’s electronic with sound FX, so your fan friend can imagine charging into battle against Thanos like Thor did hearing the rumbling sound of thunder in the palm of their hands.

The Goat Boat 76208 Building Kit

The Goat Boat 76208 Building Kit

Collectible Thor Construction Toy with 5 Minifigures

This is one of the coolest gift ideas for Thor fans indeed. We all remember the goat boat scene from Thor: Love and Thunder, now imagine that in LEGO! This collectible Thor construction toy with 5 Minifigures is for kids Aged 8+ and/or collectors with 564 pieces in total. The kid who receives this can now spend his/her time doing something that will help build his/her concentration skills and at the same time, he/she would be building something he/she loves. A gift like this will make you his/her hero and a pro in choosing the right marvel Thor gifts.

Marvel Thor gifts - Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

Marvel Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

 With Lights and Sound FX

The design of Mjölnir in this toy is from Thor: Love and Thunder after Hela destroyed it and it was brought back together and controlled by Jane, now “Mighty Thor”. Your kids or nephew can imagine wielding the powers of Thor with the help of the sound FX and lights using only the fingerprints. This is one of the most fun marvel gifts for kids who love the God of Thunder.

Marvel Thor 100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

Marvel Thor 100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

Crafted with premium quality materials

This is a Thor 100-piece jigsaw puzzle with so much fun and adventure hiding in it. The finished puzzle shows the God of Thunder manifesting his powers in more ways than one, which will bring so much enthusiasm into your kid when solving it. This is one of the marvel Thor gifts that has the best of both worlds, so keep that in mind when shopping for your little fan.

Mighty Thor Mjolnir Premium Electronic Hammer

Mighty Thor Mjolnir Premium Electronic Hammer

Love and Thunder Roleplay Item

The next gift on our list is actually the adult version of the one before. This Mjölnir is more realistic and more appropriate for older fans or collectors, and it’s from Thor: Love and Thunder as well. Mjölnir is Thor’s first baby and his love, so giving to a fan as a gift will bring so much happiness to his/her heart. A gift like this will also make him/her feel more like Thor and have a taste of that power with the thunder light and sounds it has.

Now that we finished with our list, I wanna say good luck choosing one because they are all great marvel Thor gifts. We really did our best trying to find the best of the best for you so that you wouldn’t have to jump from one site to the other trying to find the perfect gift for the Thor fan in your life. I can hear him/her scream “ANOTHER!” already as soon as they receive any of our gifts. It was a pleasure writing this, as a Thor fan myself; so I hope I helped you make up your mind.

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